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Being Well Together is the new integrated solution for all your health and wellbeing needs. Becoming a Supporter shows your employees and peers that you are committing to improving your people’s health, safety and wellbeing and in doing so are supporting Think Talk Together a leading UK charity focused on promoting positive mental wellbeing across workplaces.

Why become a Supporter?

No matter what size your organisation is, the sector or location, poor employee health and wellbeing directly results in poor organisational wellbeing. That means working days lost, decreases in productivity and effectiveness of employees, increased presenteeism and increased risk of accident or injury. It can also significantly impact on workplace culture, employee turnover and brand. Being Well Together in partnership with mental health specialists Think Talk Together from Mates in Mind, is here to help you navigate through the steps you need to take, to achieve the best outcome for your organisation and your people.

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The first truly joined up approach

There has never been a better time to embrace the health and wellbeing of your workforce. With businesses embedding a ‘new normal’, we know that a coordinated, sustained and integrated set of interventions delivered as part of a holistic organisation-wide programme is the most effective in delivering both short and longer-term benefits. Starting with a plethora of benefits and interventions may not be enough or effective no matter the size of the investment.

Tailored and flexible solutions

Our Being Well Together programme will enable you to assess your current requirements and health and wellbeing provision, understand any gaps and explore the most effective measures for you, helping you build a plan. Our expertise will support you every step of the way, with a dedicated support manager to help you interpret the findings, access research, resources and campaign materials, as well as signposting to reputable sources and understanding best practice. This will save you time, provide assurance and above all enable you to get the most effective results from your investments. We look to both support you in creating your ideal approach, whilst recognising any existing provision.

Programme structure

  • Educate and inform your workforce - Enabling tailored messages to your workforce, to leaders and to champions, helping everyone understand their roles and responsibilities when it comes to health and wellbeing.
  • Creating the right programme for you - Guidance on specific worker issues, through to connecting your workforce to appropriate support at the right time.
  • Framework support - Relevant and accessible communication materials to support awareness and buy-in throughout your organisation.
  • Selling the benefits of the programme internally - Access to unique research to help your organisation understand the nature and impact of not managing health & wellbeing, and the real benefits of doing so.

Supporter benefits

Our programme is flexible which means that it can support your organisation wherever you are on your health and wellbeing journey. It recognises that every organisation is unique, so it supports the provision of appropriate, tailored solutions. It also provides confidence by signposting to reputable partners, such as Think Talk Together from Mates in Mind. You can add additional paid for services to support your programme and provide a truly customised approach

Inclusive benefits that help educate and inform your workforce

Webinars & podcasts

Access to the Being Well Together digital programme of webinars / podcasts. Knowledge support to help raise awareness in your organisation

Awareness training

Unlimited access to Start the Conversation training materials for your employees. Access includes: video guide, script, Powerpoint files

You also have access to an “Employer guide to a successful and sustainable health & wellbeing programme” course. This digital learning module is aimed at you the employer

Tools for organisations – training, guides and posters

These tools will help you take action and improve health & wellbeing within the workplace covering:

Mental health & wellbeing

  • Healthy work
  • Tackling stress
  • Let’s talk mental health
  • Be part of the action
  • Managing Absence
  • Returning to work

Other aspects of wellbeing

Tools for workers – training, guides and posters

These tools will help your workforce to understand how to look after their health & wellbeing inside and outside of work:

Mental Health & Wellbeing

  • Help and information
  • Let's talk about mental health
  • Preventing stress
  • Healthy you
  • Your absence from work
  • Getting back to work

Other Aspects of Wellbeing

Inclusive benefits helping create the right programme for you

Access to HR wellbeing resources

  • Unlimited access to the Croner-I HR support line where experts (CIPD Level 7 and solicitors) can advise on areas such as changing employment legislation and HR best practice
  • Online access to over 50 model HR policies on the key subject matters that impact wellbeing - subject areas include:

    • Absence and working time
    • Contracts of employment
    • Discipline and grievance
    • Discrimination and diversity
    • HR management
    • HR strategy
    • Information and consultation
    • Pay and benefits
    • Recruitment and selection
    • Training and development.

Organisational Health & Wellbeing Assessment tool

This will allow you to undertake an initial assessment of your health, safety and wellbeing provision. The tool will provide a report containing detailed recommendations. Benchmarking will also be provided if you continue to use the tool in subsequent years

Employee wellbeing surveys

An employee wellbeing survey will provide you with your employees’ perspective of how well you are doing to improve their health, safety and wellbeing. You may well have already developed such a tool, if not, two different Employee Wellbeing Survey tools are available to Supporters. The benefit of using the supplied surveys is that they have been specifically designed to be used within the programme, in conjunction with the Organisational Health & Wellbeing Assessment Tool.

Dedicated Health & Wellbeing support manager

They will provide overall support in developing your organisation’s short to long-term goals, and the strategies needed to achieve them

Counselling services

Your employees will be able to access one free phone, online or face-to-face assessment per employee per annum, with a counsellor anywhere in the country as part of the programme. The service will be provided by The National Counselling Society

Access to HSE resource of Croner-i Safety-inform Lite

Limited access to the health, safety and environmental resource of Croner-i. This is ideal for those looking to keep up to date with the latest news, issues and developments in the health and safety sector. Weekly updates on all the new health and safety content added to your product that week, delivered straight to your inbox. Unlimited access to highly qualified and skilled health and safety professionals.

Inclusive benefits to help you set up and/or develop your framework support

Communication resources including a selection of free pens, posters and stickers

We will provide resources that can be tailored to your organisation. Most will be supplied digitally although physical assets are also included. The number of physical assets will vary depending on the size of your organisation. Assets include: annual report, employer guide, posters, individual flyers, badges and pens

Communications support

We will supply you with 4 to 6 campaign packs annually aligned with mental health and other wellbeing related events. Packs will include Powerpoint presentations and/or short videos, and will provide support to help you promote key messages internally


We will provide you with a Being Well Together certificate, so that you can visually demonstrate your commitment to the health, safety and wellbeing of your people

Free to enter awards scheme

As a supporter you will gain access to the International Safety Awards 2021 with a selection of Free to Enter categories

Inclusive benefits helping you sell the benefits of the programme internally

Developing a health, safety & wellbeing strategy

Practical guidance on developing a health, safety & wellbeing strategy, with all the steps explained in a practical way and help provided by your dedicated Support Manager.

Access to British Safety Council and Think Talk Together research

Access to unique research to help your organisation understand the nature and impact of not managing health & wellbeing, and the real benefits of doing so

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Customise your programme

Practical guidance on developing a health, safety & wellbeing strategy, with all the steps explained in a practical way and help provided by your dedicated Support Manager.

Educate and inform your workforce

Training and educational services

We offer a comprehensive suite of training and education in mental health and wellbeing, health and safety and environmental management in the classroom and online. We train people all over the world to help them improve their knowledge and skills in health, safety, environmental management and wellbeing

Wellbeing services

Under the programme, you gain discounted access to the following additional services:

  • Financial support / debt Counselling services
  • Mindfulness training


As a Being Well Together supporter you are formally invited to attend British Safety Council and other supporter events throughout the year at discounted rates, including British Safety Council’s annual conferences held in the UK, Middle East and India

Creating the right programme for you

Organisational Health & Wellbeing Assessment Tool

For larger supporters we can complete the assessment for you, including running workshops

Additional wellbeing programme support

Additional wellbeing programme support can be purchased through the programme

Counselling services

Additional counselling service support can be provided under the programme through The National Counselling Society

Framework support

Additional communications collateral

When you become a Being Well Together supporter, we provide you with a selection of collateral to help you raise internal awareness of your support. If you require further stocks, then this is easily available to order through our online portal.

Health, safety and wellbeing audits

Our audit and consultancy services are internationally recognised and are the most effective way to ensure your safety, health, environmental management and wellbeing systems reflect and exceed relevant legislative requirements. We have a range of audit and consultancy services to support you at every step of the way to achieve your goals.

Mindfulness services

Taught by professional, experienced NHS teachers from Sussex Mindfulness Centre, their 8 week Mindfulness courses can equip your staff with the tools and techniques to deal with stress and become happier in their roles. Delivered either online or onsite, courses can be personalised to the individual requirements of your team and company ensuring maximum benefit to all involved.

Financial wellbeing services

The Mercer Marsh Benefits Workplace Education Team delivers support to employees, regardless of their career stage or financial position. They can provide your workforce with financial and pre-retirement training and guidance, through workshops, clinics and digital engagement.

Croner-i Safety-inform (full) service

You can upgrade to the full Croner-i Safety-inform service at a 50% discount as a Being Well Together Supporter. The Safety-inform service from Croner-i provides instant access to all the information and resources needed to stay compliant, with clear, practical advice and template documents and forms to maintain a safe workplace

5 Star Health & Wellbeing Audit

Our audit and consultancy services are internationally recognised and are the most effective way to ensure your safety, health, environmental management and wellbeing systems reflect and exceed relevant legislative requirements. We have a range of audit and consultancy services to support you at every step of the way to achieve your goals


Diabetes safety

The Diabetes Safety Organisation team provide courses that equip your staff with the information they need to understand and manage diabetes and its impact. This includes awareness training to ensure they understand the risks diabetes brings to their health, the risks diabetes brings to others on site and in the workplace and practice steps to help themselves and others to stay safe and healthy.


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Resource Hub+

To really take your programme to the next level, we recommend that you consider upgrading to Resource hub+. Resource hub+ puts at your disposal a huge and growing library of resources.

What is it?

Resource Hub+ offers ‘point of need’ digital wellbeing resources organised into 11 topic areas as follows:

  • Diet and nutrition
  • Drugs, alcohol and smoking
  • Financial wellbeing
  • Introduction to wellbeing
  • Isolation and loneliness
  • Mental health
  • Parenting / caring
  • Physical activity
  • Presenteeism and leaveism
  • Sleep
  • Stress

Who is it for?

The resources are primarily aimed at your employees, but there are also resources for managers and senior leaders too.

What are 'point of need' resources?

Classroom teaching sessions usually aim to deliver a number of learning outcomes. During the training the teacher is able to present information regarding those outcomes but isn’t able to test understanding fully. Even if there is an opportunity to demonstrate understanding, this is done in an artificial way. As such, information covered in the training is mostly forgotten over time.

‘Point of need’ resources are there to help people put into practice something that they have learnt before. They support the learner while they are applying the learning, perhaps some time after the initial learning took place, this could be on-the-job or as and when needed.

Wellbeing is an area that lends itself well to ‘point of need’ resources, as everyone has different needs. Classroom sessions need to be broad and general in their coverage and some things may only become needed once there is a problem.

Note: Resource Hub+ resources are designed both to support classroom learners and to be used independently.

What is included?


Informative videos, 2 to 5 minutes in length, provide information and tips about a topic

Interactive exercises

Interactive learning segments, where learners can explore and receive feedback


A series of questions that allow a learner to assess areas of need within a topic. Learners are provided with a score against which improvements can be measured

Quizzes and knowledge checks

Tests a learner’s knowledge in an area. Can be used before or after learning has taken place


Q: How much does being a Supporter cost?


  No. of employees BWT Pricing
Supporter Fees - 1 year 1-49 £293
  50-99 £1,043
  100-499 £2,085
  500-999 £2,925
  1000-2499 £4,170
  2500+ Bespoke
  No. of employees BWT Pricing
Supporter Fees - 3 year 1-49 £525
  50-99 £1,875
  100-499 £3,750
  500-999 £5,250
  1000-2499 £7,500
  2500+ Bespoke

How to become a supporter

Becoming a supporter is easy, just click on the link below, fill out the form and we’ll be in touch to set you up.

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