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Organisational Health & Wellbeing Assessment Tool

A key component of the Being Well Together programme is the Organisational Health & Wellbeing Assessment, which is included for every Supporter. It is intended to enable your organisation to benchmark your internal management of health and wellbeing against a series of key measures. In addition to identifying gaps in your current approach, in order to map out a measurable plan of action and move along the continuum to a position of best practice.

To properly tailor your strategy/plans to meet the needs of your people, the more information you can gather in terms of what your employees believe, the more relevant and beneficial you can make your plans. See the Employee Wellbeing Survey section of this website to explore what’s available to Supporters.

As a Being Well Together Supporter you can access the assessment tool as often as you like, and we recommend that you complete the process at least on an annual basis.

Features and benefits

  • Although the assessment is not intended as an audit tool, quantitative metrics are provided to give a balanced view on relative management.
  • As a Being Well Together Supporter you will be able to undertake the assessment as often as you like, and we recommend that you complete the process at least on an annual basis.
  • Completing the assessment is simple; it requires only a series of questions to be answered after which you will receive a detailed report of the findings, a quantified outcome, and recommendations (as appropriate) to help you move towards best practice.
  • The report, together with one of the digital courses provided free to all our supports, will also help you design your optimal health and wellbeing programme.
  • Two versions of the assessment are available, the first which has a more extensive question set is designed for medium to large organisations or those smaller organisations that are consider ‘higher risk’ from a safety perspective, and the second which has a reduced question set which is designed for smaller organisations.
  • Answering the questions is also straightforward as the structure of the assessment generally requires selections to be made from a list of possible options (i.e. from a drop-down list).

Accessing the assessment

Accessing the assessment couldn’t be easier, it will be made available in a number of formats (the most appropriate for you will be dependant on your organisation’s IT policy on third party software). Full guidance notes will also be provided to help you get the most out of your assessment.

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