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Employee Wellbeing Survey

The Organisational Health & Wellbeing Assessment Tool allows you to benchmark your organisation against a series of recognised measures in relation to the management of health, safety and wellbeing.

Your assessment report will be a key source of information in putting together your strategy/plans, as will information such as:

  • Engagement surveys
  • Exit interviews
  • Information on accidents and injuries
  • Sickness records
  • Health assessments
  • Anonymised data from EAP services.

However, to properly tailor your strategy/plans to meet the needs of your people, the more information you can gather in terms of:

  • What you employees believe their needs are from a health, safety and wellbeing perspective;
  • What, based on their lifestyles, might be important areas for you to focus on,

the more relevant and beneficial you can make your plans.

An Employee Wellbeing Survey can provide such information, and it can also provide you with your employees’ perspective on how well your organisation is already trying to improve their health, safety and wellbeing.

Being Well Together – employee wellbeing survey

You may well have already developed such a tool, if not, two different Employee Wellbeing Survey tools are available to Supporters. The benefit of using the supplied surveys are that they have been specifically designed to be used within the programme, in conjunction with the Organisational Health & Wellbeing Assessment Tool.

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