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Employee Wellbeing Survey

Organisations quite often fall into 2 camps when it comes to workplace wellbeing. Many we speak to complain of poor employee engagement and/or low retention rates but they don’t know why. Our experience tells us that the reason is usually simple – the organisation is not meeting the needs of its people.

Other organisations have well developed wellbeing plans but aren’t sure how well they are doing and how they compare to best practice.

Our Employee Wellbeing Survey has been built so you can tailor your wellbeing strategy and plans to meet the needs of your people and your organisation. We give you the opportunity to gather data on:

  • What your employees believe their needs are from a health, safety, and wellbeing perspective
  • How well your organisation is executing health, safety, and wellbeing; and
  • What, based on your employees’ lifestyles, might be important areas for you, the employer to focus on.

With this information, you can gather measurable data, which can be used as a benchmark for the future and start to plan a sustainable, joined-up and holistic health, safety and wellbeing programme.

Our unique Employee Wellbeing Survey marries up with our Organisational Health & Wellbeing Assessment Tool [link] so that you can compare employer and employee results, without having to spend days trawling through data.

You may well have already developed such a tool, if not, two different Employee Wellbeing Survey tools are available to Supporters. The benefit of using the supplied surveys are that they have been specifically designed to be used within the programme, in conjunction with the Organisational Health & Wellbeing Assessment Tool.

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