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Advice and guidance when you need it

Once you become a Supporter, we will be there to help you to navigate throught the steps you need to take to achieve the best health and wellbeing outcome for your organisation and your people. We will support you every step of the way, helping you to interpret findings, access research, resources and materials in order to understand best practice, as well as signposting you to reputable sources. This will save you time, provide assurance and above all enable you to get the most effective results from your investments.

Advice and guidance when you need it

The Being Well Together programme is expanding over time as we bring on board more and more services. Some services will be provided by British Safety Council and other specialist services will be provided by specially selected partners. Whichever route you go down, we look to both support you in creating your ideal approach, whilst recognising any existing provision.

Some of the services currently available include:

  1. Dedicated Support Manager
  2. Croner H&S 24/7 support line
  3. Croner HR support line
  4. Counselling services
  5. Financial wellbeing services
  6. Mindfulness services
  7. Diabetes safety
  8. Eating disorders.

Dedicated Support Manager

Every Being Well Together Supporter has access to a Support Manager. As a Supporter you can talk to your Support Manager as much as you need. They can talk through the findings from your Organisational Assessment, plan and prioritise the next steps for an effective programme that suits your organisation’s needs. They will work with you and also with your senior leadership team, to build a strategy and plan to suit your needs. A holistic and fit for purpose approach is key to success. A poor or incomplete strategy can lead to inefficiency, no improvement on current status and lack of engagement at all levels. Your Support Manager can help you prioritise and signpost to assets within the programme or specific expertise.

Croner H&S 24/7 support line

Enjoy unlimited access to a 24/7 information helpline staffed by experienced health, safety and environmental professionals. This is invaluable when you need to access guidance quickly or have a two-way conversation about an issue.

Croner HR support line

We have also selected Croner-I to provide a HR support line. This will be relevant to anyone with HR responsibilities in your organisation, providing them with exclusive access to expert who can advise on changing employment legislation and HR best practice.

Counselling services

The counselling services provided through the Being Well Together programme are organised with The National Counselling Society.

The National Counselling Society is a not-for-profit professional association for counsellors. They hold an Accredited Register of counsellors across the whole of the UK.

We have partnered with The National Counselling Society to deliver one free phone, online or face to face assessment per employee per annum and up to 8 counselling sessions, at a fixed rate per session, for all Being Well Together Supporters.

Financial wellbeing services

The Mercer Marsh Benefits Workplace Education Team delivers support to employees, regardless of their career stage or financial position. They provide financial and pre retirement training and guidance to our Supporters, through workshops, clinics and digital engagement at a discounted rate.

Mindfulness services

Mindfulness training can’t change the stress that people encounter during their working lives but can change the way your staff deal with it, long after the training has finished, improving resilience, performance, relationships and general wellbeing.

Taught by professional, experienced NHS teachers from the Sussex Mindfulness Centre, their 8 week Mindfulness courses equip your staff with the tools and techniques to deal with stress and become happier in their roles. Delivered either online or onsite, these discounted courses can be personalised to the individual requirements of your team and company ensuring maximum benefit to all involved.

Diabetes safety

The Diabetes Safety Organisation team provide courses that equip your staff with the information they need to understand and manage diabetes and its impact. This includes awareness training to ensure they understand the risks diabetes brings to their health, the risks diabetes brings to others on site and in the workplace and practical steps to help themselves and others to stay safe and healthy.

Eating disorders

The team at SEED offer support and empathy for people with eating disorders. They support, advise and signpost suffers, carers and loved ones appropriately, by giving people the tools to enable them to cope on a daily basis. Resources, confidence programmes and advice lines are all available through the Being well Together programme.


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