A message from Mike Robinson

No matter what size of organisation, sector or location, poor employee health and wellbeing directly results in poor organisational wellbeing. Working days lost, decreases in productivity and effectiveness of employees, increased presenteeism and increased risk of accident or injury could impact your organisation. Impact on workplace culture, employee turnover and brand are also significant. Being a responsible employer, of choice, as well as supplier and contractor, is good business.

Investing in understanding your organisation’s needs, and therefore considered, effective interventions, as well as evaluating results and sustained action is key.

Being Well Together is here to help you navigate through the steps you need to take, to achieve the best outcome for your organisation and your people.

We know that a coordinated, sustained and integrated set of interventions delivered as part of a holistic organisation-wide programme is the most effective in delivering both short and longer-term benefits. Starting with a plethora of benefits and interventions may not be enough or effective no matter the size of the investment.

Our Being Well Together programme will enable you to assess your current requirements and health and wellbeing provision, understand any gaps and explore the most effective measures for you, helping you build a plan. Our expertise will support you every step of the way, with a dedicated Support Manager to help you interpret the findings, access to research, to resources and campaign materials as well as signposting to reputable sources and understanding best practice. This will save you time, provide assurance and above all enable you to get the most effective results from your investments.

We appreciate that every organisation has its own culture and way of working, and it will be the same when it comes to health and wellbeing. Therefore, we look to both support you in creating your ideal approach, whilst recognising any existing provision.

Mike Robinson FCA​
Chief Executive 
British Safety Council