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Our highly-experienced technical team will use their global and cross-sector experience to identify how you can enhance and continually improve your safety, health, environmental management and wellbeing systems, arrangements and operational performance through a broad range of audit and consultancy services, designed to suit your specific needs.

Our range of safety, health, environmental and wellbeing audit and consultancy services are internationally recognised and provide valuable independent external validation, assurance, and advice to support your organisation as you strive to achieve and sustain best practice standards.

We will identify how you can improve your safety, health, environmental management and wellbeing systems, associated arrangements and overall performance, thus ensuring stakeholder confidence, business benefits and potential financial efficiencies.

Use our highly-experienced experts to guide you through the latest changes in standards and legislation. Our dedicated team of professional consultants work around the world and across all sectors.

Introducing remote audit and consultancy services

We are pleased to announce that on 1st April we launched an amended version of our audit and consultancy services which allows clients to be audited remotely to the ISO 45001 and 14001 standards, together with our unique suite of 5-star best practice audit services, without compromising on the high standards you expect.

You receive all the benefits of a structured auditing process but with the benefits of the initial stages carried out remotely. This is being made possible by advances in technology that allow our auditors to carry out much of the initial assessment remotely. It enables organisations to obtain and maintain certification standards thereby helping to protect your workforce as well as win new business and retain clients. Click here for more information.

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